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HP OMEN 15-5010nr Notebook

Introducing the next generation of gaming.

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  • Stuller/Superdome2 /Integrity Blades play 4:21 Stuller/Superdome2 /Integrity Blades

    Video covers Stuller's use of Superdome 2, Integrity Blades on HP-UX and Convergent Infrastructure. Interviews: Stuller VP/CTO and IT Director on HP solutions to run...

  • SAP on HP Integrity servers play 4:53 SAP on HP Integrity servers

    Innovation. Growth. Increased productivity. Reduced costs. You rely on SAP environments to keep pace with the demands of doing business & HP Integrity servers to run...

  • HP Integrity: Windows Server 2008 R2 play 3:41 HP Integrity: Windows Server 2008 R2

    HP Integrity Servers & Windows Server 2008 R2 now handle larger configurations for more users running mission-critical apps & databases for the most reliable Windows...

  • The new HP Integrity rx2800 server play 3:17 The new HP Integrity rx2800 server

    Introducing the new HP Integrity rx2800 server, which raises the bar with more performance, more capacity, and more mission-critical resiliency.

  • Common Modular Infrastructure play 5:48 Common Modular Infrastructure

    The HP Blade Scale architecture delivers a unified blade architecture from x86 to Integrity Superdome and a common way to connect to networks, manage energy and mana...

  • amadeus play 4:01 amadeus

    Processing more travel bookings than any other company in the world, the amadeus Fare Quote system IT infrastructure is based on 40 HP Integrity servers running SUSE...

  • World's First Scale-up Blades play 6:11 World's First Scale-up Blades

    HP Integrity mission-critical server blades, with Blade Link joining multiple blades creates 2, 4, and 8 socket systems, utilize the efficiency of HP BladeSystem to ...

  • HP Systems Insight Manager play 4:15 HP Systems Insight Manager

    HP Integrity Essentials is part of a unified server and storage management providing a single tool for managing virtual & physical infrastructures. Nick van der Zwee...

  • Pella Corporation & HP play 4:00 Pella Corporation & HP

    To keep their leading business moving through their Oracle-based ERP system, Pella relies on HP Integrity Superdomes running HP-UX to take thousands of window and do...

  • Inside the New Integrity Servers play 13:23 Inside the New Integrity Servers

    Take a 15-minute tour of the New Integrity Servers and see Common Modular Infrastructure, the new Blade Link, and all the components of the first Mission-critical Co...

  • Australian Securities Exchange & HP play 4:07 Australian Securities Exchange & HP

    Operating Australia's chief financial markets, the Australian Securities Exchange relies on HP OpenVMS to deliver products and services that play a major role in the...

  • Burda Digital play 4:13 Burda Digital

    HP Integrity servers running HP-UX 11 in a Virtual Server Environment ensures the IT environment has the flexibility and performance to support over 800 simultaneous...