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  • CGX and HP play 2:21 CGX and HP

    Learn how Consolidated Graphics uses HP Graphic Arts solutions to provide the responsiveness of a local printing company combined with economic, geographic and techn...

  • WISDRI and HP play 5:19 WISDRI and HP

    Cheng, Wang and Xiang Wu, Huang from WISDRI describe the benefits of implementing HP Managed Print Services to reduce print costs by 30%, while Ming, Luo explains th...

  • The value of the HP Minilab ML 2000D play 6:26 The value of the HP Minilab ML 2000D

    Alex Liff, Worldwide Product Manager for HP's latest award winning Minilab explains the value that you get for your Minilab investment.

  • Stronger HP Retail Experience play 1:46 Stronger HP Retail Experience

    HP launches multiple new partner retail stores with an enhanced HP shopping experience. Plus, see the new home and business printing solutions announcements.

  • HP Video: Guided Tour of Snapfish play 3:39 HP Video: Guided Tour of Snapfish

    Guided video tour of Snapfish capabilities features the many ways Snapfish can be used to store and print special memories.

  • HP Video: Posters From Kids' Art play 1:27 HP Video: Posters From Kids' Art

    Video interview of an HP employee's niece illustrates how one can turn kids' art into posters using Snapfish.

  • HP Video: HP Print Station Launch play 3:43 HP Video: HP Print Station Launch

    Video about the launch of a new HP Print Station, a partner-operated business offering full design and printing services in one location.

  • HP Video: Emily, a Snapfish Customer play 1:34 HP Video: Emily, a Snapfish Customer

    Video shares all the ways the Snapfish team helps its target customer "Emily" save money, explore new printing ideas and get the most out of Snapfish.

  • HP Labs: Snapfish Lab play 0:37 HP Labs: Snapfish Lab

    Join Snapfish Lab -- a Web site housing experimental media processing tools to enhance individual photos, browse photo collections-- and create new media content wit...

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